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Organic Pale Ale / Blonde

A blond ale made from Québec malted-barley, with a delicious grain-inspired finish. Balanced and slightly bitter with fruity notes.

Organic Bitter Extra Spéciale / Rousse

A British-inspired dark "rousse" ale beer with ruby highlights. Good malt composition, round with a rich mouthfeel, aromas of caramel and grilled malt balanced with a floral bitterness and moderate herb notes.

Organic American IPA

This copper-coloured American IPA is slightly cloudy with an aroma that’s fruity and citrusy with a touch of resin that highlights the hops. The prevailing bitter notes are slightly lemony, followed by an aftertaste that’s mildly malted with a touch of citrus and alcohol.


The Brewery

At the New Deal Brewing Co., we aim to incorporate tangible social involvement in our workplace and minimize our ecological footprint when it comes to making high-quality craft beer.

Come visit us! We'd love to introduce you to our brewery so you can learn more about how we make our beer. It's a great opportunity to fill up your growler or buy a keg!

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Learn all about our new Belgian IPA—including how it’s made!

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Chocolate pie with Extra Special Bitter

08 November 2017 Recipes

Serves: 6 to 8 Ingredients 1 package of shortcrust pastry, homemade or store bought 1 ½ cups (375mL) 35% cream...
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