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15 May 2017

We’ve waited a long time for spring to arrive this year, with grey skies and cool air settling in across Québec. But… this week spring is finally here to stay! On the menu: We’re cooking up seasonal spring products from Québec, like asparagus, lobster and rhubarb, which will soon be ripe for the picking.


Asparagus & beer
Mid-May marks asparagus season, and many experts pair this delicious veggie with wheat beer. Stay tuned! We’re preparing something special for you…

In the meantime, here are a few recipes that will make asparagus the star—and your mouth water!

Brie and asparagus croissant strata. We like to pair it with our Pale Ale.
Lemon parmesan beer asparagus. Asparagus and our Pale Ale, this time as a side dish.
Beer-Battered Asparagus. A must-try!


Lobster & beer
So many beer lovers and specialists—including Philippe Wouters—also use wheat beer when it comes time to serve up lobster. This beer expert has an unusual way of highlighting the delicious flavours of Québec lobster, which you’ll soon be able to find at your local fish market!

“For hops lovers, American Pale Ale is always an excellent choice. But be sure not to overcook your lobster, or the bitterness will be amplified. Sunshine, a patio, a Yakima IPA from Le Castor brewery and a lobster on the barbeque with a splash of fresh lemon juice…” – Philippe Wouters, Bières et plaisir, juin 2014

Or, of course, try Boldwin’s organic American Pale Ale—or our American IPA! Excellent choices along with the refreshing Yakima IPA from our brewery colleagues in Montérégie. You’ll have to cook up Québec lobster more than once this season to try all the lobster & beer pairings from the region!

In fact, in juin 2015, a year after writing that article—Philippe Wouters penned a second piece about lobster and beer, along with two recipes.
Let yourself be inspired by these delicious ideas:

  • Steamed lobster in beer with hop-flavoured mayonnaise
  • Grilled lobster with white beer and herbs

Hop-flavoured mayonnaise also pairs perfectly with seasonal asparagus. Try it and let us know what you think!


Rhubarb & beer
Rhubarb and beer, you ask? Oh, yes! Sweetened rhubarb may be delicious delicious in pies, cakes and other desserts, but this soon-to-be ripe Québec product also goes great in savoury dishes. We found this recipe for beer and spiced rhubarb filet mignon, which we’ll try just as soon as the first rhubarb bunches are out!

And what better way to end the meal than with a rhubarb-flavoured dessert, like cheesecake, pie or rhubarb crumble—paired with our Boldwin Rousse!


Happy spring—and happy eating!

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