Organic alcohol brands… more popular than ever!

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07 August 2017

Feel like there are more and more organic options at the grocery store these days? You’re not dreaming. Organic choices are more popular than ever, especially in Québec, where you can find some 1,500 companies and 7,500 products that are certified organic. Including alcohol!


Cheers to Quebec’s organic drinks!

There are many reasons people opt for organic—from better health and well-being to producing a smaller environmental impact, supporting the local economy, and enjoying better-tasting ingredients. Although difficult to find just a few years ago, today organic alcoholic drinks are gaining in popularity, credibility and refinement as consumers become more concerned about what they eat and drink. People are also much more aware of their environmental impact as well as the benefits of buying items that are grown, produced and processed here in Québec.

We still have a long way to go here, however. There are more and more imported products on shelves at the SAQ and specialty boutiques, as well as wine lists in restaurants across the province. You often have to head out to the organic alcohol producers themselves to try out their products. Thankfully, Boldwin’s organic beer can be found at 900 points of sale across Québec!


Organic beer

When it comes to beer, the big brands are losing ground against craft beers, which offer superior products with local flavour. Many microbreweries now specialize in making organic beer, which is brewed using 95% organic ingredients.

That’s how we craft our beer here at Boldwin, using malt from Ferme-malterie Caux-Laflamme as well as hops from Houblon Franklin—two local businesses that grow the raw materials that give our beer its unique taste and characteristics. Not only does organic come with many benefits, it also reflects the brewery’s creativity as well as commitment to working with local resources and people who care deeply about our planet.

When you reach for a Boldwin beer, you also embrace these values. Cheers!

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